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Pamela IS the Fertility Advocate! Pamela Madsen founded The American Fertility Association, and is the best known fertility advocate in the country. To learn more and read her fertility blog please visithttp://www.thefertilityadvocate.com

What does it take to navigate the world of pre-conception, trying to conceive, infertility, pregnancy and childbirth? A lot. What if you could have the nation’s best known fertility advocate on your side to help you get past the road blocks, make the hard decisions and find the best of everything? Whether you are looking at how to get your body into the best shape possible for conception, navigating the fertility clinic maze, or trying to figure out how to preserve your fertility – there is a lot to know. I have spent a lifetime dedicated to understanding the world of fertility – and I know the inside skinny on all of it.

I began in the field of fertility, much like you – as a woman trying to conceive. That journey took me through the alphabet soup of infertility treatment, and propelled me into being an educator and advocate for the consumer. I was the first paid Executive Director of RESOLVE NYC, and from there founded and became the first Executive Director of The American Fertility Association. Now I am offering my services directly to consumers – independent of any organization or company.

Trying to conceive can impact every part of your life – self image, marriage, careers, family relationships, sexuality, and finances. I get it – and I will help you get through it as successfully as possible. Not only can I support you on an emotional level, but I can help you get your questions answered, discover new paths to take, and help you understand the information that you are being given.

My fertility clients include individuals and couples who are struggling or exploring:

  • Getting their bodies ready to conceive
  • Getting a fertility evaluation
  • Wanting to preserve their fertility
  • Trying to conceive with the help of the medical community
  • Picking an Infertility Clinic and Doctor
  • Understanding when it is time to change Doctors/Getting a second opinion
  • Coping with their relationship with their bodies
  • Over 40
  • Male factor
  • Secondary Infertility
  • Alternative methods on their conception journey
  • International fertility treatment
  • Egg donation
  • Surrogacy
  • Support in picking an egg donor or surrogate
  • Understanding parental agreements
  • Sperm donation
  • Single women and men
  • LGBT family building issues
  • Transitioning from treatment to adoption
  • Fertility after cancer
  • Low libido and sexual disinterest while trying to conceive
  • Peri-menopause
  • Sex selection
  • Difficulty managing family and friends
  • Birth control choices

I am interested in you as a whole person. I know what it is to have every part of your life effected by infertility – and the shame and stress that infertility can bring you.  The resulting pain and stress that naturally occurs from infertility can also continue to work against you on your quest to conception. I will support you to reduce that stress and help you to move to a place where life can feel better again. Together we will build an action plan and begin to take back control over what feels like an uncontrollable situation. Do one should have to try to figure out the world of reproductive medicine alone.

Let’s get you ready for conception – or work to get that baby home together. Coaching is usually done on the phone or through video Skype. Please send me an email at Pamela@TheFertilityAdvocate.com to schedule a free fifteen minute consultation or phone me @ 917 703 3785. Rates: $175.00 per 60minute consultation
or pre-purchase four sessions and get the fifth one free.

I am also offering a “Recharge Session” for those that just want a single extended session that will help them with get a second opinion, get a new perspective andreboot their mission to have a child. “Recharge” session can be as long as 90 minutes and cost $250.00.

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