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Portal of The Feminine: A Dance in the Shadows

  • InnThrall Seattle (map)

In a sacred, playful and intentional environment that respects each woman's boundaries; we will go deep into the potential pleasure and wisdom of our bodies as we dance in the dark and the light of pleasure. Together we will experience our bodies as expressive, powerful and playful beings.

This special edition of Portal of the Feminine will be held at the very sexy InnThrall creating an atmosphere for us to explore and expand upon our awareness and sensation through a process of movement, dance, expanded arousal, touch, orgamsic meditation and playing with our edges.

Each woman will have the opportunity to explore their sexualty on both the physical and energetic realms. All expressions and choices are honored and celebrated.

This workshop is for women of all sexual orientations and ages who are willing to explore their own power to initiate the erotic and surrender to the erotic within a community of women.

During our two day retreat we will explore embodiment practices that will allow us to go deeply into the wisdom of our own bodies. We will play with sensation and expand our knowledge of our own body. We will explore the power of female sexual initiative as well as the bliss of surrender.


This is an opportunity to gather wisdom not just from your body but also by supporting and witnessing other women in their unfolding

Are you ready to to developing an internal guide to successfully and sustainability explore your sexuality?

Are you ready to dive deep and play hard?

Please join Pamela Madsen - internationally known sex educator and pioneer in women's Sexuality for a non-residential two day retreat created just for women. At this Portal event, Pamela will be joined by Kathleen Ashford, an award winning erotic dancer and the proprietress of InnThrall. Kathleen will bring her an innate knowledge of power, surrender and intimacy to our retreat as well as help us bring expression into erotic dance. This retreat is coordinated by Seattle's own Cuddle Party Mistress, Meg Hunter. 

We will join together Friday evening before our weekend retreat to get to know each other, share some light food and refreshments. create the intentions for our retreat and begin to explore shadow play; the right of the divine feminine.

On Saturday we will begin the process of exploring, reclaiming or getting to know parts of our own erotic selves that we may never have explored before.

Our process will include:

1. Guided meditation into listening to our own internal erotic guide.

2. Explore The Lotus Lift Meditation to tap into Arousal Energy to fuel your creativity

3. Explore our full female expression and how we hold those emotions in our bodies.

4. Explore a guided Bondage Meditation and feel what it is to be held safely in a cradle. Can you let go?

5. Learn the tools of Seducation and Erotic Initation Dances such as lap dance.

6. Identify Your Erotic Creature.

7. Experiment with body painting and adorement in a ritual space.

8. Explore sensation as a tool of erotic trance states.

9. Examine why we keep ourselves small erotically and practice opening ourselves up to our greatness

10. Explore the concept of erotic fermantation. 

11.. Confront our hunger in every form from sexuality, to food, to money.

12. Dive into Orgasmic Yoga and Learn to access and work with our Arousal and Orgasm as a holistic tool for healing and transformation in our lives.

13. Explore Power and Surrender. 

14. Learn about the relationships between sexuality, gender, and identity

This workshop is LGBTQ friendly and is open to any person that identifies as female.

To register and buy your ticket please go here:

Investment: $300.00

Early Birds Before May 1st $250.00

This class is limited in size.

Any questions about the event content or whether this event is right for you - Please email Pamela at or Meg Hunter the local coordinator at

Meet Your Educators:

A pioneer in fertility and sex advocacy, Pamela Madsen is the Founder of Back to The Body: Sensuous Retreats for Women. Before taking on female sexuality full time; Pamela was the first Executive Director of The American Fertility Association. She is a fearless advocate for women’s health and integrated sexuality who leverages her raw honesty and well-informed wit to help strip the stigma from female desire and body image.


Pamela, a certified Somatic Sex Educator with a Master's degree in Education has coached hundreds of women on their own personal journey back into their bodies, and their own expression of their "Divine Feminine" whatever that means to them. Sometimes, it is a very masculine of center divinity. Pamela has been called a "Force of Nature"and has recently lead 23 sold out retreats for women in locations such as South Africa, Venice, Tuscany, Barcelona, Canada and New Orleans. Her Back to the Body Retreats boasts a 98 percent return rate.

Pamela is a veteran speaker, educator, and renowned blogger for The Huffington Post, Psychology Today, The Fertility Advocate, After50 and Care2.

She is the author of Shameless: How I Ditched The Diet, Got Naked, Found True Pleasure and Still Got Home In Time To Cook Dinner (Rodale, January 2011). Pamela has appeared on 60 Minutes, Oprah, CNN, AARP Primetime Radio, The Dr. Laura Berman Show, The Jane Pratt Show, and Playboy Radio. As well as countless other media outlets. To learn even more about Pamela Madsen please visit her personal website: or see her retreats

Kathleen Ashford is the Hostess and Experience Concierge at InnThrall, Seattle’s very own Kinky B&B.

She has over 20 years as a professional tease, active member of the sex-positive community and is thrilled 

to welcome you to Portal to The Feminine; A Dance in The Shadows alongside Pamela Madsen.

I am so excited to offer this class to the Ladies at Portal to The Feminine; A Dance in The Shadows.

Some of you may remember me from BANG as Opium

I will be teaching the fundermentals of the lap dance with the intention and focus on power and female sexual initation

I will teach you the following: How to know your target - Is this for your own pleasure? Are you dancing for a Lover, potential Lover, Stranger or Friend?

Defining your goal - Are you dancing as an expression of your own love and desire? As a Seduction? Is this a Tease?

Establishing your boundaries - Every good Erotic Dancer has rules. What are yours? How do you declare them? What makes them such fun?

Location, Location, Location - What makes a good setting and furnishings for your Dance?

Positioning your target - How to prepare the partner that you will dance for…this portion also takes into consideration assorted physical limitations on your part or theirs.