The Invisible Burka: Access to Female Sexual Arousal is Controlled By Mass Media Information Gate Keepers

I am disgusted.

I just heard about - and wrote about a new product  that really and amazingly does support female sexual satisfaction called Zestra® I know this product works because I tried it (You can read about my experience here)!

This product put such a smile on my face that I needed to learn more about it - and why I had never heard of it before!

And while I was doing research into my new favorite thing - I found out something really disturbing. There was a reason why I didn't know about this product before it was placed in my goody bag!

The makers of Zestra® are having trouble getting air time and even FACEBOOK time!!  Oh come on! Really?

How many Bob Dole ads did I have to sit through about erectile dysfunction (ED)?  I am so sick of this double standard in anything about female sexuality - first Lane Bryant's zaftig lingerie line - now this? And this double standard was  even acknowledged  - with ABC Nightline recently reported about how Zestra® (a clinically proven, topically applied product that increases female sexual satisfaction) advertising has been turned down by many TV stations & networks, radio stations, websites.

So we can watch Desperate Housewives, Cougars - and Sex in The City - but we can't talk like grown ups about real women wanting to increase their own healthy sexual arousal? Is it just too scary to think about real life women possibly wanting more and better sex for themselves?  Is it just too heart stopping to think that a woman might want to buy a female arousal product? What would happen if women got their hands on this product? Would dinner not be cooked on time? Would women become so wildly out of control with sexual pleasure that their kids might miss the school bus? What exactly are the mass media  executives  so frightened of that they are going to restrict access to information about a product that may help millions of women because it makes SOMEONE uncomfortable?  We have got to stop being a country that puts women into these Invisible Burkas! Oh yes - we do! We make sure that we separate women out - when it comes to information about sexuality - but we are sneaky about it. And so woman in the United States can  end up just as covered up and "protected" as women in other countries where the rules and morals of a culture are literally seen on their backs. Perhaps in some ways - being able to see the Burka is more honest.  In our country it is invisible - but it is still there - and demonstrated through the lack of access to information that could be of value and support to a woman's sexual freedom.

Well screw that. My days of keeping my sexuality "under wraps" for somebody else's sensibilities are over. I am simply too old for that game.

You can get involved - I am. You can jack into their Facebook Page and "Like Them" and tell and share this story to your friends! You can also visit this wonderful website called  "" and sign the petition to end the double standard in advertising!

Let's create a little female outrage here! And you men out there that want to support your women in enhancing their pleasure and getting access to information so that they can make their own choices about what they use on the bodies - we need you too!