reinvention fo self

Re-Inventing Yourself Again

I think it has finally happened. I am in firmly in my second adult hood. I am not who I was, only older. I am approaching a new frontier in my own life with new ideas and responses. My priorities are changing. What about you? Here are a few of the tell tale signs that you are about to shed a skin and reinvent yourself again:

* an impulsive decision to do something out of character

*a willingness to take a calculated risk into the unknown

*a determination to make contact with ones' authentic self and tap into the true passion there

*a desire to become a source of truth about life for the next generation

*the delicious freedom of looking the latest expectation in a life time of expectation in the eye and saying "not me, Not now!"

Do you feel the twitch? Perhaps that is why you are here, in this community. Answering the question "What is next?" is challenging. You might not draw on your past experiences. What was, may no longer fit all. As the journey goes forward you may need to get to know this new persona a little bit. Welcome your new outlook, new confidence, new dreams. We are not programmed to fade away. As we move into this place of reinventing ourselves, we might find that we are better suited to new challenges than we ever were in the past. As you move forward in your new explorations, this unfamiliar persona, this mischievous Tinkerbell at our ear, matures into the voice we count on most. It gets stronger, more authoritative , more philosophical, more courageous.

People reinventing themselves, in their second adult hood are different than anyone else. They tell the truth.

Listen to your voice.

Loving you from here,