Saving Room For Dessert...

At Thanksgiving  last year my mother read a story about my Great Aunt Pearl, I am named for her.  Aunt Pearl was a bit of a shameless renegade goddess herself! In the 1920's she ran a bookie sheet, wore great hats...and cooked silver dollar pancakes for all the kids in the neighborhood in a pinch. My kind of woman! This Great Aunt of mine - this namesake....always reminded the children not to finish all their dinner - "Save room for dessert"! Was her favorite saying.... Saving room for dessert can mean so many things!  It doesn't always mean a Red Velvet cupcake or a slice of coconut cake! It can be about creating the time and energy for taking a long delicious walk, reading a book, or making love. It's all about what dessert is for you! Maybe you have always wanted to go for a balloon ride - but there was never enough time or money. For me - it's about going to San Francisco these days - to spend time with my incredible friends there.  And I have to save room in all parts of my life - to have that. It's intentional to save the time, the money - and create the room for my jaunts across the country. But it feeds my soul -  it's just for me - and so I save room no matter what - to have it!

It's all about being able to live fully.  Giving yourself permission to have pleasure that is just for you. No excuses. No justifications. When we allow ourselves to have the freedom to make room for what is yummy in our lives - sometimes we end up stretching our selves in ways we could never have imagined.   Dr. Christiane Northrup has said "Pleasure is a life changer!" Amen sistah!

Learning how to allow myself pleasure in all it's forms has certainly changed mine.

It's Friday - the weekend is looming! Can you save some room for dessert this weekend? I bet it will be delicious.