Sameul Beckett

A Shameless Family

About a little over a year ago - I took my 21 year old son known as "Andrew" in my memoir SHAMELESS to lunch.  We went to the diner - where the old people and the young mother's with their little kids eat. It's called - "Blue Bay" - and it has been there since the year of the flood. I ate there when I was pregnant and it was one of my son's  first dining experiences.
"Mom - you look so sad lately. So beaten. What is up with that?"

"Oh Andrew. I am just so done - and a little scared.  Done with worrying about being "found out" - done with having to feel that a part of my life is a secret life - done with all of it. I hate secrets and I hate that people think that they can "out" me.  And out me for what? Living my life fully and without shame?  Sometimes, people are just plain mean.  And now I am doing this book - telling my story - and I really believe that it is going to happen that I am going to get it published -   and once again - it is going to take a tremendous amount of  courage because there are very few people that talk as honestly as I do about sex - and desire.
There will be no more secrets - or at least very few! Coming out and telling my story - and wondering how the world will welcome me. The risks to my career that anyone faces -  anytime that they talk openly in this country about sexuality. Honey - you know that  it has come already with costs. Sometimes I feel like I have failed you - in my desire to talk about all of what has happened in my life.  It is daunting sometimes - that is what you see in my face. What if I fail and I ruin it all for us?"
Andrew looks at me - and says "Ever tried. Ever Failed. No Matter. Try Again. Fail Better.- That is by Samuel Beckett".
My son reaches for my hand across the table and smiles at me. "Come on better this time!"
No mother could love a son more.
The publication date is January 18th, 2011. We are a Shameless family and we are going to fail better together!