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A Little Divine Inspiration! Make a Little WISH!

Lately - I have been looking for a little divine inspiration. And sometimes it seems that it is all around me. All I have to do is look or a make a little WISH.  How about you? Are you looking for a little support? A little inspiration? Well - really it's all around you! You could join The Shameless Community which is on it's last days of it's introductory price at $15.00 per year (it's going up to $99.00 soon!) - and join my on line bee hive of sex educators and community members. You could decide that now is the time to finally get that inspirational life coach you have been talking about for a long time. Yep - that is available too - and there are always amazing workshops available to light your fire! I love all of that - and I have another thought too - to help you mix it up and get your fire going!  How about making a WISH - and celebrating all aspects of being a woman?

Let's not just make it another day - Oh sure, you'll have the usual to do list:

Make breakfast Walk the dog Fold laundry Wash dishes Wipe counters

But what about  you're going to put something very, very important on the to do list.


I know it's not always easy to prioritize yourself when you have so much to do, but I have just the thing to help you make it happen!

For 40 days and 40 nights, you're invited to make a commitment to you--to your health, well-being and to learning everything you possibly can from some of the most successful health and wellness leaders today. Now this series has already started - but you can still jack in and hear all of the past talks - and start listening now as they go live!

You're invited to WISH: The Women's International Summit for Health - and It's a f.r.e.e. online event that started on March 8th. Tens of thousands of women from around the world will be coming together to put themselves on the agenda. And it's on going! You are not too late!

Here are just some of the people who will be speaking as part of this event:

Byron Katie Maya Angelou Marianne Williamson Arielle Ford Carol Look Mike Adams John Robbins Dr. Joel Fuhrman

oh...and me! Pamela Madsen! Fertility and Sexuality Educator and author of Shameless: How I Ditched The Diet, Got Naked, Found True Pleasure and Somehow Got Home In Time To Cook Dinner!

You can check them all out here:

If there was ever an opportunity for you to tap into the wisdom of women and men who are living their best life, this event IS IT!

I guarantee you'll be thanking me for having mentioned it to you, so sign up now!




An event like this is the perfect way to make your ideal life more than just wishful thinking!