Girl Day Out

My Little Round Belly

Recently, I spent a "VIP Day" with a client. We got naked together trying on lingerie because that was a part of what she wanted to do with me! Shop and play with lingerie. The best conversation of the day went like this: Client: "Wow. I feel so much better about my body now." Pamela: "What shifted for you?" Client: "Well, you have a little round belly. Just like me. And if YOU can have that and be this sexy, and this vibrant and desirable - then it's really okay for me to have that too!" Women healing body shame together. Priceless.

That interaction is what inspired me to create the Korean Spa Day and expand it to Seattle and the NYC area - because it's not just the fabulous intimate sexuality and intimacy coaching that is so valuable. It's not just the fun and the laughter and the pleasure of a body scrub massage, hot pools, steam and delicious food. It's being naked together that is so healing.

I hope if you live near Seattle or NJ that you will join me and my little round belly. To learn more about my Girls Day Out at the Korean Spa in Seattle or NJ - please go here!

Loving you from here,