Putting Hinges on Your Life

My friend Christine from The Pleasure Mechanics was talking to me about putting  "hinges" into our lives the other day. I like that concept. Placing hinges on relationships - or places in our lives - so that things are not necessarily absolute. Hinges allow for coming and going. Hinges allow for flexibility and possibility. Hinges allow for a world that is not full of walls and boundaries - yet hinges also speak of rules and a kind of permanence.  A door cannot stay up without hinges. Hinges allow for groundedness, yet hinges also allow for a change of position, without giving up the past or closing a door on the future....

At the moment, I am embracing hinges. There are so many places in my life where I would like to add hinges instead of boundaries and absolutes and feel the door swing gently...opening...closing.....and sometimes...resting some place in the middle.

Are there places in your life where you would like to insert hinge? Wanna share?