Moving Out of Your Comfort Zone!

Are you ready to do it? You know what it is - that thing you have been wanting so badly? Are you ready to move outside of your comfort zone and really go after it? Think of it as going on a safari into your new way of living your own life. Put on your sun screen, pack your map, the bug spray, plenty of snacks (you don't want to be hungry in the middle of the jungle), and make sure you have good comfortable walking shoes. If it was me, I would also be packing some really sexy underwear - because I want to sashay into my adventure! Build your team. Who is on it? Do you have a guide? Folks to help you cut down the great big vines? You can go it alone - some adventures are fabulous solo. But personally, I have always liked a team around me, even if their only job was to cheer me on. Franky, the cheering section is not over rated!

There is no easy way to get what you want. But there are lots of fun and adventurous ways. It might not be easy - at least in the very beginning when you are asking yourself to step outside of your comfort zone to get the goodies. Don't buy the snake oil, swallow the magic pill, or talk yourself in circles about the wouldas, couldas and shouldas. Sometimes, like is a Nike commercial: we have to just do it.

I believe in you. I know that each day you are taking the next step, and moving your own personal obstacles out of the way. You know their names don't you? "Obligation", "Resistance," "Shame," "Anxiety", "Fear" "Selfishness", "Money", and "Work". I am sure that I left a few out - but you get the idea. All of these feelings live in our comfort zone with us! They help us stay in it - by waving their warning flags. They don't want us to leave them behind!

But I can tell that your bags are packed, and you are ready. I can't even imagine the places, adventures, and pleasures that await you. You so can do this. And I hear that this is the perfect time of the year for a safari!

Leading the way and loving you from here,