I Want You To Be Hungry For More

This is what I know to be true. If you are a woman who lives a life of creation you will be endlessly hungry for the next thing, or more. Everyday when you wake up, your nose will sniff possibility the way a dog seeks a bone.  Nothing will stop you because how could anything stifle your desire?

I am a creator and my desire for more possibility in my life is endless.  And the more I intentionally create the more I intentionally create.

And yes, there are the moments of having it. The extraordinary moment of holding my dreams in my heart and being in it.  The moments that I get to totally experience my own creations and bath in it. I can only describe it as ecstasy.

This is what I also know to be true; if you are not fully awake to your own sexuality - you will not be able to completely light the fire on your ability to create.  I do not care how successful you are; you can be more successful. There is more.  And why wouldn't you want more?

Light the fire. Invite your desire and feel the hunger.

Create.  Digest. Savor. And then do it again.

Loving you from here,