Clicking Her Heels

I have a thing for ruby slippers. It's a Dorothy thing. If you have ever heard me speak in front of a group -  there is hardly a presentation that I make when some how The Wizard of Oz, Dorothy, the Wicked Witch, the Wizard and the ruby slippers don't come up.  For me, this particular story holds one of life's biggest lessons -you don't need the Wizard to solve your problems -  only you have the magic to take you where you need to go. Now - I am not saying - I would never say - that remembering this is easy. I have spent a lot of time fighting off wicked witches, worrying about houses falling on me, and even ducking apples being thrown from the trees while I was skipping along in search of the wizard to save my shameless backside!  Don't we all? Somehow we are convinced that there is a book, a diet, a special vitamin (is it vitamin D now?) a guru, or even that new outfit that will some how fix whatever we are struggling with. I know - because I have been down that particular yellow brick road more times than I would like to share.

Frankly - most of us don't truly believe that we can get where we need to go on our own.  The fact is - just like Dorothy - I like a lion, a tin man, and a scarecrow by my side.  I love having a team - companionship - friendship. For me - being alone of that yellow brick road would be very lonely.  I think that is why there are so many different kinds of life coaches these days - people who specialize in supporting us along the path - but don't do it for us!  I think that having a coach is helpful - I have worked with one on and off for years - and I am now a practicing life coach in the area of sexuality, self image and infertility.  But that is different than looking for the Wizard to take you home.

The road to believing that we can make it happen for ourselves is complicated. It takes a level of self confidence in our own person-hood that can be hard to come by these days. I believe that it starts with making friends with our bodies - just as it is right now. I believe that it can start with making room for pleasure in your life. And I believe that it can take having some friends along yellow brick with you - simply to skip along and sing.   So pick something today that will bring you closer to your body, do something that will give you pleasure - and call a friend.

Before you know it you might be clicking you heels too - knowing that you really don't need a wizard. You had it in yourself all to go where you need to go.

As for me - I can't always wear ruby slippers - the heels are just too uncomfortable - but I find it helpful to have a reminder of my own power with me at all time - so check out my toenails - they are red and sparkling! So Dorothy!