Have You Thought About a Man's Testicles Lately?

Have you ever really thought about a man's testicles and what they might represent? It's kinda a funny question, isn't it? But recently, I had the opportunity to discuss this! And the conversation was fascinating. I want to share it with you. When we think about the masculine and the cock, we often think about deep penetrative energy. The ability to take, to hold the feminine energy so she can go deeper. But what about a man's soft testicles? Have you ever thought about how a man guards his testicles? That soft place where he holds his seeds? This place where at times, he wants to protect, contract and cover? Inside of all of us is the masculine and feminine.

Thinking about this, brought up such feelings of compassion for the soft places in the masculine. The places where he may want to contract and cover.

When we asked a man if he has balls, what we are really asking is whether or not he has access to his courage and heart. Is he willing to put in his tender places.

Feeling that the feminine heart of a man may be in his balls. It is a place that needs to be softly cupped, kissed and held. And yes, we all want to be "Balls in".