It's Never Going to Be The Right Time

I know that there exists this completely magical time when Mars is not in retrograde, when all the planets align and the sun is shining perfectly and the moon is waxing and waning just perfectly and you have your money in place, you can speak you desires, you know what you want and the universe takes a great big in breath and holds it for you to take action in your life.

And then "it will be the right time". Hallelujah.

It will be time to quit the job you hate and get the one you want.

It will be the right time to write that book.

It will be the right time to move to the city that you have always wanted to live in.

It will be time for you to tell the truth to somebody.

It will be the right time for you to reach out and tell somebody how much you love them.

It will be the right time to get married.

It will be the right time to have a baby.

It will be the right time to change your life.

It will be the right time to get in touch with your body and your sexuality.

It will be the right time to take that trip.

Guess What? You are living in a myth. A fabled time, that simply does not exist. Come on --- how many times will the planets align and Mars is always in retrograde. How many times in your life will the money, the opportunity, and the time happen in the same moment? Look up at the sky. Are you waiting for the sun and the moon to kiss?

Here's the cold hard truth. if you’re waiting for the right time, you’ll keep waiting until it’s too late.

We all have this mantra that we tell ourselves over and over again: “it’s just not the right time.” Do you know how many times I hear that a day when women are expressing their deepest desire to come to a Back to the Body Retreat, or do ANYTHING different around their sexuality and their relationship?

"Its not the right time" is THAT THING we say it when the opportunity presents itself for us to do THAT BIG THING, the thing that we want most of all -- and that we are terrified of. THAT THING that we don't feel ready for or simply can't face. But we want to.

Screw the “right time”. It's an urban legend. It's a fable or a myth or a story that you have been fed by others. If you spend your time waiting for the right time you will have more problems in your life not less. I do think you should look before you jump to make sure that there isn't and quick sand or rapid dogs, and I would always have a Plan B in my pocket in case things don't work out. But that has nothing to do with "Waiting for the Right Time". If you see quick sand, just move a little to the left and keep going.

Because waiting simply in most cases doesn't make any sense

Dear People of the Page, all you have is now. Really. Haven't you buried enough people yet in your life to know that? Haven't people told you their regrets? It's rarely about the risks they have taken. It's rarely about action. Yesterday I was scared to drive in the rain up to see my friend and her new grand baby. I was sure it wasn't the right time. I was anxious about the trip. She said that it's okay -- that I didn't have to prove anything to anyone.

It's never the right time. I got to hold that baby. Kiss those little hands. Celebrate with my friend and her daughter. It was perfect. It was the right time after all.

So go. Tell that boss of yours that you are done and get the fuck out of there. Tell your lover that you love them. Make that big change in your life. Go on a Pleasure Pilgrimage in the middle of everything.

Life is gonna end. It's never long enough. Our bodies change. Shit happens. Life is way too short, incredible, filed with possibility and precious. Don't waste it waiting for the universe to align. It won't

If you want to do something, change something, go somewhere---start NOW. Stop dreaming about it. Visioning it. And waiting for the right time. The right time is now. Make it happen. Schedule it. Only you can make the right time happen now.

I hope there is something here for you,
Loving you from here,
Pamela Madsen